How to Meet New People

How to Meet New People

Wear soccer jerseys! To meet new people who share the same interests as you, I advise you to wear soccer jerseys in public. Soccer fans have an unspoken community between each other. When other soccer fans see someone wearing a soccer jersey, they feel the need to start up a conversation with that person. You literally don’t have to do anything to make new friends, just wear a soccer jersey and it will do its Arsenal Home Jersey 16/17magic.
Since I am an introverted person, it would be extremely unlikely for me to go up to a random person and start talking. Even if the other person is wearing a soccer jersey of the team that I support (Real Madrid), I still wouldn’t go up to them. Since not everyone is introverted like me, they will go up to random people and start conversing solely because they share a common interest.

In late September, my friend and I took a spontaneous trip to Georgetown. After realizing that we needed to set up reservations for a haircut, we decided to get our haircuts later that day. Since we had a couple of hours to kill, we decided to go to Georgetown for the first ticjistduwsaetvztme. I went to Georgetown wearing Arsenal’s new home jersey for the 2016 season. I definitely was not dressed like I was going to Georgetown.
The day was Saturday which meant that most of the English Premier League (EPL) teams had their games to play that day. Arsenal happened to be playing that day against Chelsea. From walking around Georgetown for a couple of hours, I noticed some people wearing EPL jerseys. During this time, my friend and I were just going on with our day, shopping and exploring the city. Just from doing this, more than seven individual people came up to me to talk about soccer. They noticed my jersey and approached me because of it. My friend was appalled at what was happening. Even in the hair salon, I was approached by a father of two.

At the end of the day, Arsenal beat Chelsea 3-0 and I got to meet many new people in a town I had never been in. But best of all, I had a successful haircut!

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