Most Underrated Soccer Jerseys

1) UNAM Pumas 16/17 Third Jersey: 

UNAM Pumas 16/17 Third Jersey

I’m guessing most of you have never heard of this team before. The UNAM Pumas are a Mexican club. The only reason I knew about this team is because when I’d be playing games of FIFA, I would see people using their jerseys in the game and they looked so good. Their distinct logo is centered and very large on the jersey. As you may know already, I love the color combination of black and white. This is a big reason as to why I have picked this jersey to be at the top of my list. It is a clean and low-key jersey if you wear it in public. The only thing which will stand out is the logo in the front. The design on the sleeves adds a lot to the jersey design, but still keeping the clean look. I also really like how there are only a couple of adverts on the front of the jersey. Having too many will look cluttered and unorganized. Instead, they intelligently put the other adverts on the sleeves. You can buy the jersey HERE

2) PUMA Chivas 16/17 Away Jersey: 

PUMA Chivas 16/17 Away Jersey

Chivas are yet another Mexican club coming out of nowhere with a good looking jersey. I might have to get into watching the Mexican league because of their nice jerseys! Chivas bring us a super clean away jersey for the 2016/17 season. With only one advert in the front, the small PUMA logo, this jersey is very neat and clean. The diagonal stripe of red and navy across the torso helps maintain the clean design of the jersey. This stripe goes through their team logo making the logo really pop out. Like the UNAM jersey, Chivas put the other adverts on the left sleeve of the jersey. Again, doing this keeps the clean design of the jersey which really appeals to me.                You can buy the jersey HERE

3) Porto 16/17 Away Jersey: 

Porto 16/17 Away Jersey

I know what you’re saying, finally something other than a Mexican club. Well, this time we have a Portuguese team on the list. Porto is a well-known club to all Portuguese people around the world. Their away jersey has a clean look again, but this time the jersey is black instead of white. My favorite parts about the jersey are the color, Porto’s logo, and the star design in the front. I also like how there is only one advert on the front of the jersey; New Balance logo. To match the colors of the jersey, the designers changed the colors of Porto’s logo which blend together nicely.  You can buy the jersey HERE


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