Best Retro Jerseys

1) USA Retro LS 1950 World Cup:usa-retro-jersey

If you really want to represent your country in style, this is the jersey to buy. You will be able to show off to your friends and the best part about the jersey is that it is a part of history. Being so old, the jersey has a simple and clean design with the famous red, white, and blue color combination. You can buy the jersey HERE.


2) Real Madrid Home Jersey 15/16:Real Madrid home jersey retro.png

This is not necessarily an old jersey since it is only from last season, but I had to put it on the list because it is my favorite team and one of my favorite jerseys in general. I prefer this jersey much more than the current Real Madrid home jersey because this one does not have a collar and it has a better design. For the 2016/17 Madrid home jersey, I do not like the blue lettering in the back. The 15/16 jersey has a much cleaner look and the font of the lettering looks much nicer. You can buy this jersey HERE.

3) Club America Third Jersey 15/16:Club America third jersey.png

I know, I know, it’s another recent jersey. This one just looks too good not to include in any of my top lists. It has a similar look to the UNAM third jersey, but this one has less design and more focus on colors. I always say that the fewer adverts on the jersey, the better, but in this case, I actually like how the logos of the adverts in the front of the jersey look. The Huawei logo looks very nice on a soccer jersey for some reason. Again, this jersey has an amazing color combination of the black design with the solid white. You can buy this jersey HERE.


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