Best Places to Wear Soccer Jerseys

Best Places to Wear Soccer Jerseys

1) Cities Shine on, skyline

This is probably the best place to wear a soccer jersey because it is filled with people and some of them are bound to watch soccer. When I went to Georgetown for the first time with my friend, more than five individuals came up and talked to me about soccer because I was wearing an Arsenal jersey. I went on a Saturday and Arsenal played earlier that morning against Chelsea and won the game. I knew Arsenal was playing so I decided to wear their jersey even though I do not support the team itself. I’d say the city is the best place to get approached when wearing a soccer jersey because of how populated it is. If you want the Arsenal jersey that I was wearing, you can buy it HERE

2) School campus_31

Currently, I am a student in college. At the beginning of the year when it is still warm, I wear some of my soccer jerseys around. Doing this is a great and easy way to make new friends at school. This is great because the people you meet that come up to you will already have a common interest. While standing in line to get food from our cafeteria, a guy behind me recognized the Liverpool jersey I was wearing. He told me that he liked the jersey and that he himself was a Liverpool fan. I was happy he liked my jersey and because I made a new friend. It is extremely easy to make friends in school if you show what your interests are in the clothing you wear. You can buy the Liverpool jersey I was wearing HERE

3) Bars, Hair Salon, etc. brazil_fans-size-custom-crop-1086x765

I am not old enough to go to a bar, but I can only imagine how easy it would be to make friends there on a Saturday evening. At bars, soccer games will most likely be played on the television so it would be easy to see who else is watching the game. From then, you could try and find out who they are supporting in the game. You’re probably asking yourself “Why would I wear a soccer jersey to get a haircut?” and I don’t blame you. When I went to Georgetown that one day, I also got a haircut that morning. I do not advise yu to wear a soccer jersey when getting a haircut because excess hair can stay on the jersey. When I was waiting to get my hair cut, a father of two asked me if Arsenal were playing today and I responded yes. It was funny how almost anywhere you go, you can get recognized and approached my complete strangers. 



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