Soccer Players with the Best Hair

1) Paul Pogba (Manchester United/France)

Paul Pogba Manchester United Third 16/17

Paul Pogba has always been known for his unique hairstyles over the years. It is like every game he has a new haircut or a new hair color. He often has blonde highlights in his hair, but what makes Pogba’s hair even more unique is that he uses blonde highlights in his hair for designs. He has even had the internet famous “dab” lined in his hair once as you can see in the photo on the right. 2fd8356c00000578-0-image-a-127_1452094489849Being a world record transfer, I’m sure he has enough money to get as many new haircuts as he wants. As one of the most expensive clubs in the world, Manchester United and Paul Pogba will be trying to fight for the Premier League title. I wonder what kind of haircut Pogba has up his sleeve for next time. If you want to buy a Paul Pogba jersey, click HERE

2) Stephen El Shaarawy (AS Roma/Italy)

Stephen El Shaarawy AS Roma Home 16/17

The Italian international has a haircut that is only unique to him. The Roma winger does not change his hairstyle like Paul Pogba does, but El Shaarawy has his own distinct style. Whenever people think of El Shaarawy, they think about the guy with the spiked hair. acmilanvgenoacfcseriea64ua02r7jo_xFrom last season to now, El Shaarawy seems to have found his form again. El Shaarawy’s club, AS Roma, are currently battling with Juventus for the top spot on the table. Roma are currently 2nd behind Juventus. El Shaarawy has 2 goals and 1 assist so far in the season. You can buy El Shaarawy jerseys HERE

3) Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid/Portugal)

Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal Home 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo has always been known for having neat and nice hair. He frequently changes his hair style. Ronaldo doesn’t change his hair style as much as Pogba does, but only changes it slightly. During games, Ronaldo can be seen with extremely gelled hair which rarely moves throughout the game. His hair is usually slicked back to either the right or left side and nowadays, he gets lines in his hair. 7a8a2c599036472ac1decfb79ee35f58

This year has been the best for Ronaldo because he won the Champions League with Real Madrid and the EUROs with his national team, Portugal. Ronaldo was most happy with the EURO win with Portugal because it was Portugals first EURO championship win ever. Cristiano hopes to keep the near perfect year by winning the La Liga title this year. Real Madrid seem to be in the driver’s seat right now because they are at the top of the La Liga table and are not looking back. Ronaldo and his Madrid teammates look to keep the amazing season up. If you want to buy Ronaldo jerseys, click HERE.



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